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So here we go with our first news! In an attempt to increase our size, I am making a competition. This competition will be to see who can get the most amount of new users to register from now, to the first of April! (April Fools Day!) I have a personal goal which is to add at least 15 new members, and I hope we reach that goal. So when you get someone to register, because I currently do not know if there is a space for who if anyone recommended this website to you, I will make it so when your new member joins, you will have to pm me saying "i just got so and so to register" and then I will pm them and confirm it, and then you will be in the running. Unfortunately, there is no prize except this forum getting bigger and better, but the winner will be on the top of our list when we are looking for another moderator.

Thanks for your help!


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