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[USA] Wookie Spec Ops
We are Wookie Spec Ops! Our team is fueled by our burning desire to win! We are striving to become the best team we can be. Do you love Nerf, and share our burning desire to win? Then this is the team for you! Just submit your application on this thread and the team will vote on whether you make it or not. We want skilled people with at least a few months of experience. We are democratic on everything possible. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

List of your Nerf Guns-

-We would prefer you live in Chicago but you can also live nearby.
-Big Boom and I are the leaders.
-When considering someone's application, all members will vote and majority rules.
-No insulting other members under any circumstances. Doing so will result In a warning. Doing so again will result in the offender being kicked out.
-You can only be on one Nerf team. If you decide to join another Nerf team, please tell us. We will not get angry, we just want to know if you leave. If you are on two Nerf teams, you will be notified and asked to choose a team. If you don't respond, we will have to kick you out. We don't want to, but that's the rules.
How the heck is this going to work. Will we hold "battles" against other teams or what?
Maybe, but this is going to hopefully be a good place for teams to form.
I love how you copy pasted our beyblade teams rules to this, hah.

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