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New Releases
Yaaaay, great newz!

Pics of the Revonix 360 (Out this summer?) and the Centurion (Out for Christmas season) have been released! The Revonix holds 30 discs in 6 rotating chambers, 5 to each chamber. The discs are stacked horizontally, which is very strange, and then flipped up into the firing mech. After each shot, the six chambers rotate and the next disc is fired. The blaster can be loaded through two holes, one in either side. The Centurion is exciting because it has a claimed 100' range [i][b]flat[/b][/i]. I, being a huuuge sniper fan, am really excited for this. It uses a special clip that holds (6?) oversized darts specifically for use with the Centurion. The blaster is also supposed to be about five feet long, which is pretty impractical. It does appear to be spring-powered, though, so no frantic Titan/Magstrike-style pumping necessary!

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