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Types of positions
There are 4 main positions in a normal 4 on 4 Nerf capture the flag or regular battle.


1. Runner- usually the one that captures the flag. Usually equipped lightly so they can run fast.
2. Head (also known as offensive captain)- always presses the attack, backs up runner. Sometimes gets the flag. usually equipped heavily to be able to beat back several defenders.


3. Guard- usually protects the flag. Usually equipped heavily to ward of several attackers at once.
4. Tail (also known as defensive captain)- always backs up the guard. Sometimes works with the guard to defend against many attackers. Usually equipped heavily to defend against multiple attackers.

Remember that there are tactics that switch around these roles and positions so be ready and don't get confused!
In our 3v3 CTF matches, we normally use one defender, equipped with a long range blaster like the Praxis or Longshot and an assault blaster like the Rayven, Hail-fire, or Magstrike. Sometimes, those two roles (long-range backup for the runner and guard and fast firing defense to protect the flag) are combined in the Pyragon, which gets 4-5 dps and long ranges. Other team members include a runner, often equipped with a Vigilon due to its long range in a small package. The third team member is both offensive and defensive as need be, and is usually equipped with a light, fast firing blaster like the Raider, Rampage, and Alpha Trooper, normally carrying one 18-dart clip or 4 six-dart clips.

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